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This is an ever changing list of OPS Events and Paint Outs. Here we add and update the new locations, dates and details of each event. If you would like to be a host of a casual Paint Out at your favorite spot, contact one of the Paint Out Directors, Myrrh Haslam or Marchita Priest.


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Upcoming events

    • September 16, 2024
    • 7:00 AM (MDT)
    • September 20, 2024
    • 7:00 PM (MDT)
    • Estes Park, CO

    Estes Park CO & Rocky Mountain National Park
    September 16-20, 2024


    It’s time to return to a favorite plein air location. OPS member Cecy Turner has updated our event itinerary with all the latest information about painting in the park! Don't wait to make your plans, as accommodations this time of year go quickly. See all the details in the Preliminary Itineray you will get in your inbox as soon as you register.

    Spectacular mountain scenes, lakes, streams, wildlife, aspens, and much more await OPS members this fall.  In the words of the author, Isabella Bird (1831-1904), “This is an upland valley of grass and flowers, of glades and sloping lawns, and cherry-fringed beds of dry streams, and clumps of pines artistically places, and mountain sides densely pine-clad, the pines breaking into fringes as they come down upon the ’park,’ and the mountains breaking into pinnacles of bold grey rock as they pierce the blue of the sky.”  Aside from the traffic, it’s much like this today.  Such an awesome place, you won’t want to miss painting.

    • May 06, 2025
    • 9:00 AM
    • May 08, 2025
    • 4:00 PM
    • 10


    with Tennessee artist 


    MAY 6-8, 2025



    $300 deposit required at registration

    *balance billed April 10, 2025



    Kathie - on location

    In this workshop, Kathie will help you build confidence with your painting techniques, regardless of where you are on your journey.  She'll show you how to feel confident in taking more risks and trusting yourself enough to let your creative instincts do more of the work.  

    She'll guide you on how to tell more powerful and captivating stories instead of simply "painting a pretty picture."  You'll find out how to "be one with the brush", and discover what job each bush is really supposed to be doing!  You'll see how to mix colors fearlessly and splash colors confidently.  You'll also get the opportunity to uncover ideas and techniques that can dramatically improve your approach to painting. 

    With what you learn in this workshop, you'll experience newfound joy with painting!

    Who is this remarkable instructor?

    "the tools of my trade are not words; I use brush, paint, and canvas. I also use some tools that might surprise you, including steel wool, palette knives, makeup applicators, credit cards, Kleenex tissues, and my own fingertips. Once, I left all but one of my brushes at home and used the nearby weeds and blades of grass to supplement my toolbox. "

    Kathie Odom calls herself a "nostalgic Impressionist".  She has a unique way of identifying subjects from which even the most experienced artist can learn a thing or two. For the past 10 years, Kathie has traveled extensively and spent much of her time oil painting across America. You can bet she's highly passionate about plein air----she often allows herself to get lost in the process of it all, thanks to her bold brushwork.

    If your confidence needs a boost & you're ready to become a much more bold and courageous painter, you definitely want to take this workshop with Kathie Odom!


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