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Value of the field study - John Pototschnick

February 22, 2016 7:05 PM | Tina Bohlman (Administrator)

OPS Master Signature, John Pototschnick recently blogged about the value of the field study.  His experience and wisdom is beyond measure and we're delighted to share this blog post with you.  Below is the 1st paragraph of John's blog post - 

click on THIS LINK to visit his blog page and read the "rest of the story".....

"Creating paintings en plein air has been an important part of my fine art career that began in 1982. I had just  left behind a 10-year freelance illustrator career in pursuit of this new dream. While strongly attracted to the landscape, many of my first paintings I was told, looked like illustrations. It was Tony Eubanks, also a former illustrator, that suggested I start painting on location. He said that would erase the illustrator in me pretty quickly. He was correct......

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