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“P L E I N   V I S I O N   I N   M I N I A T U R E”

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Associate Members Show & Sale 2021 is sponsored by the Outdoor Painters Society and hosted by Navarro Council of the Arts, Corsicana, Texas.  This is a salon-style show and sale with the theme “Plein Visions in Miniature”.  All work submitted is created by Associate members and available for purchase:

Warehouse Living Arts Center Gallery

119 West 6th Street

Corsicana, Texas

Navarro Council of the Arts exhibition space – “The Warehouse” - is one of the best known and highly respected exhibition venues in north Texas and has hosted fine art group and solo exhibitions of Traditional, Contemporary, Western and Impressionists works.



"Judging works of art is a completely subjective and often intuitive process–just as making art is. Certain works can speak to you in an emotional or intellectual way, depending on your own particular interests and life experiences. Everyone has biases and personal preferences–we all use these as our primary evaluative tools. The works I chose for awards in this exhibition reflect my own interests and passions and some I selected because they have qualities that I want in my own work. I want to congratulate everyone whose paintings are on display in the OPS Associate Members Show. It’s not easy to open up artistically and bare yourself for judging but I hope everyone feels a sense of accomplishment being in this show and representing this organization. Thank you for the honor of judging the show and a special congratulations to the award winners."

 ~Randy Saffle


"The Old Barn" - John Caggiano

Saffle's Comments:

John's painting was the first painting my eye went to when I walked into the room and I immediately knew this is the painting to beat. The Old Barn has it all, great values, composition, size and color. After the initial attraction great paintings encourage the viewer to spend time within them and this one is highlighted by John’s use of broken color, textures and those delicate artistic lines hidden in the trees. Both of John’s paintings were well designed and painted beautifully. Congrats John you deserve it!  


"Palo Duro Canyon-Morning"  -  Frank Gabriel

Saffle's Comments: 

I have to admit my first pass through the show that I didn’t notice all of the great qualities of this painting. Wall placement and show lighting combined to cover up some of the subtleties that I ended up loving when I went in for a closer look. I really enjoyed Frank’s use of color and his edge work and the hazy atmosphere sitting in the valley that leads the viewers eyes from one hill to the next before opening up to that huge horizon. I loved both of Franks paintings but this one was the image that stayed with me and intrigued me as a painter.


"The Falcon" - Randall Cogburn

Saffle's Comments: 

This painting stood out to me because of the great drawing and the wonderful sense of light. I loved this painting. As the show judge, I was forced to compare one painting to another and the only knock on this one was that I wanted a little more of it. The small size and the close cropping to the boat could have been expanded a little more giving more room for that wonderful light to bounce around.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a wonderful painting and beautifully handled. Also loved all of the color that still reads as white to the eye but is far from it. Top notch artistry.


"Tillie's Place" - Kristal Brown

Saffle's Comments: 

My favorite paintings tend to be the ones that don’t cover up all the pre-drawing and under painting and I loved the loose and non-fussy way that Kristal left this one in. Nice brushwork and not overworked. The only suggestion I would have is I didn’t love the frame and this painting deserved to be presented in a more substantial way. Everything comes into play when comparing one painting to another. I look forward to seeing more of Kristal’s work.  

Saffle's Comments:  "I would have preferred calling the remaining awards Honorable Mentions instead of giving them all place holders. All of these deserve equal recognition and stood out to me for various reasons."   


"Barn Find" - Nancy Sterling Tyler

Saffle's Comments: 

This is my kind of subject matter and I wish I had been standing next to Nancy painting this scene. Great composition, you showed just enough barn and I like how you framed the old car in shadow. I also enjoyed the thick brush work in the foreground helping balance the weight of the barn. I have enjoyed watching Nancy’s growth as a painter and this one stands out. I suggest doing a studio version of this one three times as large. This has some very graphic shapes to it and I would like to see you play around with those more.   



"Closed Canyon #2 (Full Moon)"

Vickie McMillan-Hayes

Saffle's Comments:

This painting stood out to me for the wonderful way it was painted. Vickie has a real sense of design. I like the way the canyon walls are carved out with color changes that read beautifully and didn’t require over blending to achieve. It’s hard to lay color down and leave them alone but this is a great example of just that. Also love the little moon hiding around the corner rewarding the viewer for coming in.



"Hilltop Barns" - Myrrh Haslam

Saffle's Comments:

This painting has a nice sense of composition to it. It’s not easy to center your subject on the canvas and make everything balance out but Myrrh did just that. The sky shape mirrors the foreground shape and the subtle way the trees are shaped keep the viewers eye right where it should be. It takes skill and a good eye to be able to pull this off and Myrrh shows all of the above. Also enjoyed the overall color tone of this one.


Biography - Randy Saffle

"The energy from 'discovering' a subject comes through the paint."

"My newer work is going beyond the subjects and into more of a 'story teller' mode.

~Randy Saffle              


Artist Statement


  I was born in a Small town in Texas and grew up with screened doors, window air conditioners and horny toads. I learned to value my faith, family and a strong work ethic. My family never went on a vacation and I was thirty-two before I ever visited another state.

 My father grew up in a cemetery and kept it mowed with a push mower and knew how to use a switch when needed. My Mother was the youngest of twelve children and picked cotton for a living and made due with limited means.

 Growing up I valued my time not working and would get lost in my imagination and enjoyed putting pencil to paper. These art skills eventually lead to a job in a sign company where I worked "  off the clock" to prove those skills and earn my opportunity to move into the art department and eventually worked my way up into an Art Director position. It's no surprise that I still live in Texas today, less than one-hundred miles from my hometown. My pencil has been replaced with a paint brush, but my subjects have remained the same.


  I paint what I know…Rural Texas and I love to paint outdoors directly from nature. Painting outside is unpredictable and the energy from 'discovering' a subject comes through the paint. I’m quickly becoming known for my rustic tractors and trucks, but my newer work is going beyond these subjects and into more of a 'story teller' mode. These places, these objects each contain their own stories and invite the viewer to step into them, digging up their own memories.


Texas native, Randy Saffle is an award winning oil painter with a diverse artistic background. Nearing thirty years working as an Illustrator designing everything from logos and signage to designing toys, illustrating children’s books and comics, but it is fine art and painting outdoors that he finds most exhilarating. A 'painter's painter', recognition for his work is coming quickly, and he has won numerous awards and honors including being juried into the prestigious Oil Painters of America 22nd National Exhibition of Traditional Oils  where he earned the coveted "red dot".

Randy has studied with several nationally known artists including Marc Hanson, John Budicin, Jill Carver, Rusty Jones and Kaye Franklin and is becoming an in demand teacher and demo artist himself.

Randy lives in Grapevine, TX with wife, Sonjia and two sons, Eric and Noah

Selected Exhibitions & Awards:

Oil Painters of America National 30th Juried Exhibition 2021

"Best Associate Honorable Mention" Oil Painters of America National 29th Juried Exhibition 2020

Oil Painters of America National 29th Juried Exhibition 2020

Voted "Master Signature Level" Outdoor Painters Society

Dec 2018

Named "Artist to Watch" Southwest Art Magazine Jan 2017

Plein Air Southwest Salon "Award of Excellence" 2016

Oil Painters of America National Western Regional 2015

Plein Air Southwest Salon "Award of Merit" 2015

Plein Air Southwest Salon "Honorable Mention" 2014

Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition 2013

Oil Painters of America National Western Regional 2013

Plein Air Southwest Salon 2013 juried participant

Texas Neighbors 28th Annual Exhibition 2013

Grapevine Art Project Juried Exhibit "Top Honor" 2012

Plein Air Southwest Salon "Award of Excellence" 2012

Plein Air Southwest Salon "Peoples Choice Award" 2012

Outdoor Painters Society Associates "Honorable Mention" 2011


Outdoor Painters Society ( O.P.S.) ~ Master Signature Member

Oil Painters of America (O.P.A.) ~ Associate Member

Outdoor Painters Society™ 

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