OPS was formed to create opportunities and incentives for artists of like mind to come together and paint ...........En Plein Air


Members in Action from previous paint outs and get-togethers.   
253 photo(s) Updated on: March 25, 2018
  • Show & Tell night at Rams Horn Resort
  • Colorado Estes Park get-together
  • Randy Saffle
  • Olivette Hubler
  • Henry Pryikryl in his Bolivar/Galveston paintout shirt.
  • William Moore on Joe's Crab Shack deck in Galveston.
  • Nancy Tyler painting fish market in Galveston.
  • Olivia Pacini on Galveston boardwalk painting boats.
  • Mary McJunkin in Galveston.
  • Judy Elliott in Galveston.
  • Debra Latham on Galveston beach.
  • Beverly Boren & Jill Carver
  • Rusty Jones at PASW quick draw
  • Lon Brauer
  • Larry DeGraff & Jill Carver
  • Rusty Jones & Jill Carver
  • Jill Carver & Bob Rohm
  • Randy Saffle & Jill Carver
  • Laurel Daniel & Jill Carver
  • Jill Carver & John Pototschnik
  • John Cook & Jill Carver
  • Diane Frossard & Jill Carver
  • Jill Carver & Kaye Franklin
  • Cecy Turner
  • ..Captured there 4 talented guys in the kitchen at the 2013 Christmas dinner, L to R: Rusty Jones, Dave Bates, Bruce Peil, John Cook.
  • Lynn LaRose
  • Big Bend
  • Jimmy Longacre
  • Linda Dellandre painting pastels at Chisos Window
  • Mary Rabein at Contrabando Movie Set, Big Bend State Park. February 2014 paint out
  • Jeanne Reavis at Contrabando Movie Set, Big Bend State Park - February 2014 paint out
  • Olivette Hubler on the Rio Grande river
  • Santa Elena Canyon with Jim Bragg and Mary McIntosh.
  • Tina Bohlman - painting the Rio Grande
  • Tina Bohlman with her painting of the Rio Grande -February 2014 Big Bend Paint out
  • February 2014 Big Bend Paint Out. Dinner at the Starlight Theater in Ghost Town Terlingua - after a long day of plein air painting - R to L: Claufia Parsons, Olivette Hubler, Marchita Priest, Mary Ra
  • February 2014 Paint Out Big Bend National Park. Dinner at the Chili Pepper Café, L to R: Jill Wooten, Guest of Judy Elliott, Judy Elliott, Joy Hyde, Sandy Reese, Ken Reese, Morris Reese (no relation)
  • February 2014 Big Bend National Park Paint Out - Dinner at the Chili Pepper Café, L to R: Jim Bragg, Lauren Daniel, Marchita Priest, Joan Bohls, Kent Bohls, Claudia Parsons, Lynn LaRose, Jeanne Reavi
  • Marchita Priest at the Contrabando Movie Set in Big Bend State Park - 2014 Big Bend Paint Out
  • Olivette Hubler at Big Bend National Park - February 2014 paint out
  • Jim Bragg on the banks of the Rio Grande -February 2014 Big Bend National Park
  • Fran Ellisor & Fred Hulser - Rosenberg paint out 2/15/14
  • James Black & Dave Bates - 2/15/14 - Rosenberg paint out
  • Ann Hoffphier and Shirley Peel - Rosenberg paint out 2/15/14
  • Round table discussion....L to R: Nancy Paris Pruden, Joe Collard, Tim Schneider, Sojna McKinnon, Eleanor McCarthy, Debra Lathum.
  • Vickie Gooch - Rosenberg Paint Out 2/15/14
  • Peggy Kingsbury - Rosenberg Paint Out 2/15/14
  • Nancy Paris Pruden - Rosenberg Paint Out 2/15/14
  • Jeanne Reavis - Rosenberg Paint Out 2/15/14
  • Mary Frankel - Rosenberg Paint Out 2/15/14
  • Fred Hulser - Rosenberg Paint Out 2/15/14. Painting Marchita Priest's portrait. The setting is in Marchita's Studio.
  • Fran Ellisor - Rosenberg Paint Out 2/15/14

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