John Pototschnick's lead-in comment to his interview with Jason Sacran:

"When I think of Jason Sacran and his good buddy, John Lasater, I think of two plein air painters who enter tons of plein air competitions and always drive away with a car load of awards. I jokingly advise any artist to stay home if they’re even remotely considering entering an event in which these guys are going to participate…or if you do compete, don’t expect anything more than scrapes after they’ve picked the bones clean.

I’m kidding of course, but if you were to look at Sacran’s success rate in 2013 alone, you would discover that he won over 30 awards and could possibly hit that number again this year. The guy is a hard working painting machine and I am honored that he agreed to this interview. How he manages to do all that he does is beyond me."


Click this link to read this in-depth "conversation" between John and Jason...